J. Daw Inc. Electrical Systems
Committed to Quality and Reliability since 2000


             J. Daw Electrical Systems was incorporated in 2000.  The founders, John and Jori Daw, built the company from the ground up.  The goals of quality and reliability cultivated with the founding of J. Daw Inc. have remained a main priority as John Daw perpetuates the unique company culture today.  The management staff of John Daw, Bill Coster, Dave Durant, and Cindy Linthicum possesses over 100 years of experience in the field of electrical contracting.  J. Daw Inc. employs around 30 experienced staff members at any given time.  The company is dedicated to completing large and small commercial projects in a quality manner.  J. Daw Electrical Systems has gained the reputation of one of the top electrical design and contracting firms in the Baltimore/DC area.  
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